NordicR – a club for those with a passion for Volvo’s R-models!

NordicR was founded in 2003 by the two friends Mathias and Daniel. They suggested there should be an association for all the owners of the exclusive T-5R and R series by Volvo. NordicR currently has members in all of the Scandinavian countries and actively arranges meetings and activities for its members. The members are also treated to generous discounts and offers by the different partners to NordicR.

The association has a board of directors and several volunteers who actively work tirelessly to make the most of your membership.

NordicR strives to:

– gain a personal network.
– increase the interest level of the Volvo R-models.
– exchange experiences regarding this specific model.
– arrange activities for its members and the general public.
– supply its members with great discounts and offers among its partners.
– increase the membership involvement and development of the organization.


The requisite to become a member is simple, you need to own one or several of the following models:

850 T-5R
V70R (1997-2000)
S70R (1998)
V70R (2003-2007)
S60R (2003-2007)