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Inlägg av Robster » 08 jan 2020, 16:10

Hello All,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Robbie from The Netherlands and this is my S70R which I have driven for almost 10 years now. Bought with 224.xxx km, it now has 507.xxx km.
Some minor upgrades I've done would be the 19T turbocharger, OEM Dynaudio 10-speaker set and OEM electronic folding door mirrors.
It's nice meeting you guys and I hope to meet new people and learn more about the 850/x70 series.

Martin Lund
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Re: NBP S70R

Inlägg av Martin Lund » 08 jan 2020, 22:38

Hello there :)

Nice car you got there.

You gotta tell us all about it :)

I see that you have the rare folding mirrors for it.
Have you plugged it in?

It is a different harnes in the doors and under the dashbord. have you replaved any of this?

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Re: NBP S70R

Inlägg av Robster » 09 jan 2020, 10:23


Thank you! :)

For the mirrors I used 3 extra wires per door and a relais under the steering wheel. 2 wires for the mirror, 1 spare mirror in case I would like to add lights under the mirror. The wires come from under the steering wheel and go through one of the cable holes in the wall between engine bay and passenger compartment. The wires are in a heat resistant sleeve as shown below.
As they enter the door through this side there's no need to add the wires to the main plug which is between the door and the car itself.
They are fully operational, had to put the 'tracs' switch behind the other switches as there's no room left.
A small video:
Some other upgrade:
And maintenance of course:

Björn Kroon
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Nordic R - Medlem 2020
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Re: NBP S70R

Inlägg av Björn Kroon » 11 jan 2020, 21:32

very nice car!
I have saffron S70R :)

Robert Lind
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Re: NBP S70R

Inlägg av Robert Lind » 13 jan 2020, 11:07

Nice car Robbie and nice upgrades you've done!
Sekreterare/redaktör NordicR

Bil: 855 T-5R, T-Gul.
Reportageuppdrag: volvo@850r.se

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Re: NBP S70R

Inlägg av Robster » 17 jan 2020, 21:49

Thanks Björn & Robert!
Saffron is amazing on a S70R as well!

Some things that have to be done:
- replace 2,5 inch Simons catback with custom 3 inch stainless steel catback.
- replace one of the OEM parking sensors
- replace aftermarket towbar cable harness with OEM harness
- install R steeringwheel with fresh leather and alcantara parts instead of 23 year old leather.

Recently done: installed isofix bracket from 2001-2009 S60.

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