How to increase the phone database of purchases

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How to increase the phone database of purchases

Post by tasmeaa201 » 23 Nov 2021, 07:35

There are so many factors that you must consider when evaluating an eCommerce, that sometimes you overlook the most important ones. It is not only design and speed; You must also take into account metrics that allow you to control the operation of your virtual business, in relation to the objectives that are basically aimed at increasing sales. Thus, the recurrence rate is one of the main indicators that shows you how successful your business is. Do you know what this term refers to? Notice: What is the phone database rate in eCommerce? It is a variable that allows you to know the measure of orders per customer in your online store. When considering this factor, you must take into account the products you offer, the business model you apply, and your competition. Your company may be in the toy sector for both boys and girls, for example, and there you have 3 indirect competitors. That is, some are dedicated to the sale of toys for children, the other for girls and, the last one sells only toys for babies. Do you think the phone database rate should be the same as yours? Of course not! Just because they offer similar products to you doesn't make them the same; their rates can be very different.

Calculating it is not something from another world, only, you must divide the total number of orders by the number of customers registered in your database. If you get a low phone database, you should get to the bottom to know the failures that may be affecting the continuous purchases of the same customer. If, on the contrary, this metric shows you a high result, then you are doing your job very well and you can continue to attract more clients. But, if the case is the first, how to increase the phone database of purchases in your eCommerce? We share the keys to achieving it: Competitive prices: the quality of your products and/or services must match the prices you set. It is not about losing profits to be able to sell. Do not do it! But, you should try to mark a profit margin in relation to your competition; You must win but do not overdo it. Offer a good shopping experience: you must give your customers reasons to return to buy from you. In his first purchase (and in all) you must be attentive to his entire process, accompany him and attend to him as soon as his request arises; This will give them a good impression of what your store is like and they will certainly come back to buy from you. Your purpose must always be to meet the expectations of your customers before, during, and after the purchase; it is important to maintain post-sale attention.

Offer bonuses for purchases: there is nothing that customers of a good eCommerce like more than receiving bonuses for purchases. After they make their first purchase, invite them to keep the phone database in exchange for a small percentage, obtain exclusive offers or receive promotional codes for future purchases. Loyalty to a customer costs less than attracting one; don't let them go. Vary the payment methods: offer variety in terms of the variety of payments and, do not put so many obstacles in the payment form. Request the data that is really necessary, asking your customers for so much information only causes a rebound effect and will end up abandoning your online business. Email marketing: increasing the recurrence rate of your eCommerce is practically making your customers loyal. And there is no better way to do it than to support you in email marketing; It is not about becoming spam, but about maintaining post-sale attention. Offer him information regarding his purchases, indicate similar products that might interest him, offer him a detailed guide on how to use the product and/or service he purchased. Do not get to the point of fatigue with constant publications in the same week; Give him his time and space, but let him know that you want to know how his purchase went. The phone database rate is an essential metric that you must consider to manage your eCommerce; without it, you will not be able to know how successful you are. You are ready? Follow the keys now.

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